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The 2018 Yearbook

This is what you’ve been waiting for.
Available starting February 23.



1. Who are eligible for subscription to the 2022 Crusader Yearbook?

Only students who are graduates of June 2021 (Summer) and November 2021 and who will be graduating in May 2022 are eligible for the yearbook subscription.

2. How much is the yearbook?

The yearbook costs PHP 3,600.00, which includes your pictorial, photo package (frame, hard copies, soft copies), and the yearbook itself. You may also opt for the photo package only, which costs PHP 1,800.00.

3. Why can't I refund the full amount of the yearbook if I unsubscribe from it?

The non-refundable rates are due to the services already rendered from your subscription until the cancellation. Please refer to the terms stated in the Subscription Contract for clarification.

4. What if the subscriber didn't appear in the yearbook?

A refund will be given to the subscriber. Approach any staff at the CYB Office for assistance.

5. Is it possible to unsubscribe after the release of the yearbook?

No, unless the graduate’s profile is not in the yearbook. Message the Facebook or Instagram page of CYB for assistance.